Terms and Conditions


Hello! We are Teneez. By accepting these terms and conditions, you certify that you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract or have parental or a guardian's consent.

We reserve the right to modify this document, the website, and any property of Teneez when necessary.

Shoe Trials

When an order is processed, we ensure the shoes are clean, prepped, and carefully packaged before shipping with USPS to the desired location. We highly recommend choosing an arrival date at least one day prior to intended use. If the sneakers should arrive dirty, damaged, or in an otherwise unacceptable condition, please contact us immediately by phone or email (773-217-8195 or support@teneez.com). Proof of damage will be required.

If our system flags your transaction as suspicious, we reserve the right to require a down payment equal to the current market value (based on StockX) of the shoe or shoes ordered in their respective sizes. You will be contacted by Teneez staff through phone or email before the charge is placed. The deposit will be refunded when the trial period ends.

Shoe Returns

The customer has two options when their trial period is finished. They may choose to keep or return the shoe. If they elect to keep it, they must contact Teneez (or Teneez will contact them) and a price will be decided. Once finalized, Teneez will charge the card on file and the transaction is complete.

If the customer decides to return the shoe, everything included in the package must be returned by the specified return date. This includes, but is not limited to, shoelaces, lace locks, shoe box, shoe box tissue paper, insoles, extra laces, shoe trees, etc. The renter will incur replacement charges for failing to return all such items. Swaps are not accepted. Teneez gifts such as stickers, business cards, or cleaning wipes may be kept or returned.

If a sneaker is returned in significantly worse condition than it was originally sent out, Teneez may take action. Dirt, dust, and any other reparable damage is considered normal and the customer will not be charged. If, however, the shoe is returned permanently scratched, stained, ripped, discolored, or otherwise damaged in a way we cannot restore, the shoe is deemed irreversibly damaged and the customer must pay 1.5 times the market price of a replacement pair of the same shoe in new condition.

For each individual rental agreement, the sneaker must be returned to Teneez by the date specified in the order. If no prior arrangements have been made, Teneez will charge the customer $10 per day on the card used at checkout until the shoe is returned. If the shoe is not returned after 20 days, it is deemed stolen and we will charge the customer the remaining amount to total 1.5 times the market value of a replacement pair of shoes in new condition. Law enforcement will be contacted, and the shoes will be treated as stolen property.

Once the rental arrives it is up to you to care and keep track of the shoes. If they should be stolen you must file a police report and contact us to report the shoes as stolen. All terms are still applied in this scenario.

Extend your rental period

If the event you would like to extend your rental period, feel free to contact us. We are happy to work with you to choose a new return date, if possible.


We allow refunds no questions asked for a fee of 10% of the order's cost as long as it is requested 5 days before the order is shipped. Once shipped, no refunds will be issued. Requesting a refund due to being unable to pay a requested deposit will not excuse the refund fee.

Have fun!

Go out and have fun with these fresh sneakers! All we ask is that you handle them well and that you return them on time. Take them out, show them off, and don't forget to tag us @RentTeneez!